Midtown Cultural Assets Map


Clients: Hudson River Valley Greenway, City of Kingston, and RUPCO, Inc.  

Year: 2017 

Site: Kingston, NY  12401 

Role: Consultant, Project Leader 

Services: Urban Planning, Cultural Asset Mapping, GIS, Research & Data Analysis

The Midtown Kingston Cultural Assets Mapping Project provides a comprehensive evaluation of Midtown’s cultural assets, and recommends how these assets can be leveraged to complement Kingston’s comprehensive plan. This project is the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley region. The deliverables include an inventory and maps of Midtown Kingston’s cultural assets, a discussion of their Midtown context, and a strategy for a detailed “asset-based” plan.  

Who is Involved? Multiple stakeholder groups, residents, and community leaders have provided input. The study provides an in-depth analysis of local economic conditions, demographics, civic resources, transportation, infrastructure, vacant and public gathering spaces, patterns of usage, and the unique character the community.  

What are the Goals? The deliverables include recommendations to support creative and talent-based economic clusters and sustainable development. The next phase is a proposed “equitable development plan” in collaboration with RUPCO, the Kingston Land Bank, and Kingston Land Trust to generate more affordable housing, mixed use development, community wealth-building, and economic inclusion.